MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) Are you cheating yourself calories?

In todays weight loss world, we are trying to find that easy plan, diet or pill to help in our everyday struggles to lose weight. Unfortunately, their are no quick fix solutions out there and all diets and workout plans have their very own sacrifices required to be successful. This article is not for persuasion but for making those who are on a “caloric deficit” type diet more aware of possible adjustments that could be made in the amount of calories you consume in a day.  I have been on a Ketogenic diet for two years now and my experience and knowledge base is circled around that. If you are on another diet, you may want to do further research and reading to possibly incorporate information given.

So I hear all the time calories in must be less than that of calories going out. Meaning the “eat less and do more” theory. Although, this is a common practice and generally works on many different style of diets out there, it does have its deficiencies. The main one is satiety (fullness).  It is hard to keep that hungry feeling from coming back so rapidly or in many cases never feeling full leaving the table. This is an unsustainable way of living. It drives your metabolism through the floor and makes you stay in a constant state of “hangriness” (being hungry and angry at the day time). On the Keto diet I have found this to be less of the case. Because, I generally do not have a limit of food. A limit of types of food? Yes but quantity, no. This does not mean I am promoting bacon and sausage everyday all day but when appropriately performed, the amount of calories will take care of itself. Over time you will find yourself less hungry for longer and ultimately eating less calories than earlier days and far more less hangry moments. Let me explain:

Fats varying in fatty acid chain lengths are metabolized differently after ingestion. Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) which contain 6–12 carbon fatty acids, differ from long-chain triglycerides (LCT), which have 12 or more fatty acids carbons. Therefore, they are absorbed directly into the portal circulation and transported to the liver for rapid oxidation (breakdown in to ketone bodies).

LCT, on the other hand has to be  transported via chylomicrons into the lymphatic system, allowing for extensive uptake into adipose tissue.

Ultimately the body will rapidly use the MCT’s for metabolism and energy production for the cells.  In Human trials MCT has show to faster satiety (hunger) because of MCTs decrease deposition into adipose tissue. In short, MCT’s are less like to be store as future fat energy in fat cells like the Long Chain Triglycerides.

Nonetheless, the keto diet is not a just do it kind of diet. It requires time, monitoring and will power to do successful but you stay satisfied much more. The weight when performed accordingly will soon just effortlessly fall of. Not to mention if you incorporate exercise along with the diet, wow!

Hope this nutshell information helps a little. Again, I am not promoting or discrediting other weight loss diets or plans, as I feel they all work in some degree but what is more sustainable for your long term goals is clearly up to you to decided.

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